About Us

Black Education

We showcase the most brilliant Black people. 

Black Entertainers, Athletes & Entrepreneurs

We highlight nothing but the best Entertainers, Athletes, & Entrepreneurs who are black people from all parts of the world.  

Black Dollars

We showcase black businesses such as banks & other institutions that circulate the black dollar. We help & teach black people to save / invest money for the long-term and short term

About Us


We are a small sector of a larger organization that is located in Charlotte, NC, USA. 

What's the inspiration?

This website was simply made to showcase black people in a positive light.  Over the years, we have seen websites like World Star Hip-hop and most of the U.S.A media, show all the negative stereotypes of black people. We just want to change that. 

The Future

We want to plant a good seed in the minds of our black youth, so they can start to picture a bright but realistic future. We also want to encourage black people of the world but especially here in the U.S.A, that all hope is not lost; with hard work, determination, and an entrepreneur's spirit, anything is achievable!