Become an event or wedding planner

Do you have a passion for planning events or interior decorations? Why don't you consider becoming a certified event or wedding planner?  You could earn your certificate in less than 6 months. 

HVAC Technical Training

Become an HVAC Tech and you can do this right out of high school.  You could also start the training while you're in high school and complete it after you graduate.  Most HVAC techs go on to become Mechanical or Electrical Engineers. You will be able to earn a very decent living by either working for yourself or for a company. 

Barber Tutorial

Family, it is imperative in today's economy to start getting our youth prepared for the workforce.  Every black parent should start to help nurture the God giving skills of our children. Let us all do our part in creating future entrepreneurs, so that we, our people, can control our own financial destiny.  

Learn Masonry & Carpentry

Learn how to lay bricks and also learn carpentry. If you have the passion for construction or building/repairing homes, this is a great skill to pick up. 

Braiding Hair for beginners!

Teach our young black princesses to braid hair. 

Automotive Maintenance Training

Lets nurture our boys & some girls by helping them to learn basic automotive maintenance & repairs.  If your particular child has an interest in a specific area or field, you should encourage the development of that skill by getting him/her involved (in that specific area of study) at a very young age. 

Nursing (CNA, LPN, RN)

So your daughter wants to become a Medical Doctor.  The better path would be; while your child is in high school, help her to start the CNA program.  After earning the CNA and working in that industry, encourage her to do the LPN program.  While working as a LPN and in college, encourage her to earn her RN. After college and attending graduate studies, continue to encourage her to become a Medical Practitioner & finally to earn her PHD.  Just imaging the amount of practical experiences!!

Become a professional Chef!!

If you love to cook, why not work your way up to become a professional Chef?  If food is your passion but you don't like to cook, it is still a great idea to learn a little.  You can always open your own restaurant, start a food truck business, and have cooks working for you.  However, learning how to do it yourself, will always give you the edge. 

Learn how to build, repair, & test computers.

Do you love computers?  Start today by learning more about computers.  Try to build your own.  If this is intriguing, consider taking a basic computer repair course.  If the course goes well, start your career path to become a Computer Engineer. 

Become a farmer & provide natural foods for black America!

The best way to start farming is to start in your own backyard.  In America today, many people contract all types of diseases because of the process food we consume. It is time that more Black people in this country start farming and growing our own organic foods.  Getting involved and learning to farm doesn't require an AA, BS, MA, or PHD.  It is just the matter of strong-will and determination.  So, do some research and get started today!!!

Become a FT/PT Security or learn how to handle guns!

Self defense should be among the priority list of any black family living in the USA.  In today's racially charged society, it is very important to have self defense skills & to have some gun/safety training.  The easiest way to do this is to become an armed security, either full-time or part-time.  Depending on the company you work for and the state you reside in, it shouldn't take more than 3 months to earn your legal gun license. If this is your passion, consider law enforcement as a career.